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  What should I consider in the design of my kitchen?  

This is a common question for the new buyer. The owner should have a clear idea of the food product(s) they want to sell and the target market or environment. The designer should also know the types of foods and condiments, and the number on clients your want to serve in a given amount of time.

  What will work for me, a Concession Trailer or Vending Truck?  

If mobility is important, that is, sell in one location in the morning and then move to another location for lunch, and yet another for dinner, then you should consider a VT. One the other hand, if your location is fixed a CT is probably best.

  How do I know the size of vehicle to use?  

The size of the vehicle will be definitely influenced by the size of your kitchen and its use. Please consult with us for recommendations.

  How do I know if I my kitchen will comply with local health department ordinances?  

We’re here to guide you on this. We have access to ordinances for many metropolitan areas. We’ll review those ordinances to ensure your kitchen is in compliance.

  What will the exterior look like?  

You’ll have the final say so in the appearance of your mobile kitchen. We can develop your exterior design schemes or ideas to decorate to your tastes.

Health permitting and compliance for mobile catering trucks is an essential step in the design, purchase, and use of a mobile kitchen vehicle. Coriat América Inc. is here to assist you in ensuring that your vehicle meets local health regulations. Coriat América Inc. library of permitting regulations by state ensures that each vehicle meets all health department regulations. This is essential to a successful mobile catering business!

Whether your business is a taco truck, deli and cold sandwich catering truck, or a full, mobile catering kitchen, you must ensure that your vehicle meets minimum state requirements or risk losing your license. Don't let health permitting violations prevent you from doing business!
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